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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Hindu weddings are very lavish

The first look of the wedding card is the ultimate blend of joyousness and despair, the feeling is mixed with the happiness of upcoming married life and the pain of leaving the bachelor or spinster life. The wedding ceremonies are the most emotional and poignant moment in a person’s life. This is the most heartfelt and memorable moment in the life of the bride and groom. We do many things to make our wedding an experience of life time. Weddings are very old tradition in all the cultures of the world, where different people of different authenticity celebrates it with their distinct style. These styles differ from culture to culture, as India is a diverse country there are many Hindu cultures existing in different parts of the nation, their weddings are differentiated by their rituals and Hindu wedding cards symbols as each sect worships different Gods. 

One of the most famous and lavish weddings in the world in Hindu wedding, Hinduism is a mystic and religious culture therefore its weddings are also very traditional and customary. Hindu weddings are full of ancestral rituals and customs, the brides and grooms needs to carry the burden of their family and its tradition. Everything in the Hindu Wedding is done elaborately, right from the seven circumambulations to application of vermilion in the brides head, to the exchange of Garlands even the Hindu wedding cards symbols are dealt with utmost care and seriousness. The Symbols used in the cards showcases the beliefs of the family.

Monday, 7 April 2014

Free shipping for samples cards - Where to Get Them For Free

A wedding is a special event and therefore people often love to arrange everything exclusive. Arranging wedding invitation is a special way of preparing for the event; it is the way you will call all your guests. You can ask for some free samples from companies those offers service of printing wedding cards for showing their customers  the actual display of design, color, as well as for the paper quality of the card they have ordered.
Customized wedding invitations are formed with approval from the clients. This is the reason card companies send one design in different colors, but most of these samples are found without any text in the printing area. So samples of designs are available free of cost but without text it cannot be customized.

Some quality wedding card printing and designing companies allow their customers to have sample wedding invitation cards in different styles.This is in fact the ideal way to get some unique and colourful wedding card ideas, which can make your wedding invitation card customized and gorgeous. This is the great way to gather wedding cards at modest cost, superb printing, swiftshipping office, so your first task is to find a quality websites that takes responsibility of sending sample wedding cards for its clients.

Dreamweddingcard has great stocks ofchic&standardsample of designer wedding cards for different wedding functions. This card specialist company allows its clients in enjoying personalized services for finding the Customized wedding invitations as per his budget and choice. The company maintains a huge stock of sample portfoliowith different card plans matching customary & contemporary plans of all its customers at free of cost for selection.

Do you have a Look at our beautiful Muslim wedding cards?

India is rich in culture and heritage and so are its people. It is a land of diverse cultures and traditions, though being a Hindu nation it has given equal rights and importance to Muslims. In fact next to the Hindu majority Muslims are second in population count. Muslims are also very traditional and culturally active. Compare to Hindu wedding, Muslim weddings are mellowed and softer in rituals and customs. Muslim culture is very quiet and humble, the religion doesn’t allow wastage of money in lavish ceremonies, and the bride party is not burdened with any formality. Muslim marriage is accomplished only in a silent tradition of Nikah (exchanging vows according to the Islamic law or Shariah). But now-a-days due to the amalgamation of different cultures and traditions even Muslims have adapted Hindu cultures in their marriages. The Muslims also hosts Sangeet, Haldi, Mehndi and a grand Marriage ceremony hosted by the Bride’s side, which is compensated with a more grand reception by the Groom’s family.

Just like their weddings the Muslim wedding invitation cards are also very catchy and beautiful. The cards are of different styles and patterns but one thing is common in all Muslim wedding invitation cards is the name of Allah, the most beneficiary and merciful and Bismillah (it is a sacred testimony which Muslims reads before start of any work). The Muslim wedding cards are made beautiful by carving of Urdu calligraphy, this enhances the look of the card making is very authentic and beautiful.